Stevie is an actor/voiceover living and working in South Lanarkshire, Scotland


“Whether he’s being serious, silly, smooth or surreal - he’s superbly Scottish”

Dr Renier Palland.
Creator/Writer/Co-Executive Producer.
InstaGod Productions.

He has experience as an actor in theatre, television, short films and commercials in both the dramatic and comedic genres. He is also a voice over (VO) artist who has worked with several established actors from both sides of the Atlantic.

Stevie trained at Voiceover Training Scotland (VOTS) under the tutelage of both Donald Pirie, one of the most significant voice over artists in Scotland, as well as Borja Alcalde, a Deutsche Bank award winning sound engineer.

You can listen to Stevie’s VOICEREEL at the foot of this page.
Click on the ‘Listen’ page to hear further demos from his portfolio.

He can provide a quick completion on the majority of requests with the option of recording in his home studio or at one of several recording studios in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

So, if you require an authentic vocal, be it a Scottish accent for your VO needs; a trained actor for an advertisement, short film, feature film or television show; a languid and emotive character voice actor for podcast audio drama narration, ADR, video gaming or even automated response playback, send a query via the ‘contact’ page below for a quote and/or further information.